Somebody please remind my kids that someday they will be longing for food like mom used to make.

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Stuff I didn't make my kids eat

My husband and I recently traveled to Prague for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary and his 40th birthday. The kids stayed with relatives.  

Here is some stuff we didn't make them eat:

At the very mediocre Svejk Restaurant on Wenceslas Square which I would not have chosen in retrospect. Duck, sausage, ham, bread dumplings, bacon dumplings, and potato dumplings. Tasted fine but not fabulous. 
Mediocre pork schnitzel and potato dumplings. Had to steal hubby's sauce.
Simple but good Spaghetti Pomodoro at a simple but pleasant family restaurant in the Lesser town, U Zeleného krále. 
Dinner rolls at our hotel restaurant, Restaurant Rott, with which we were quite pleased, especially having received a half price coupon from the hotel. The round rolls seem to be traditional since we got them everywhere, and were often a bit salty.
The most fabulous appetizer I may ever have eaten: Goat cheese baked in puff pastry with sweet, delicious figs, herb pesto, and a flavorful salad with sun-dried tomatoes. I may have to try something like this at home. 
Goulash with bread dumplings. 
Pork tenderloin with potatoes au gratin and roasted vegetables.
Choco Café in the old town. Nice cozy place for brunch or lunch. Tons of various fancy hot chocolate drinks. We had two different kinds of chocolate, done in the same way. It was like eating melted chocolate with a spoon. It would probably have been better with some whipped cream or ice cream, but the chocolate in itself was good. Quite the place for a chocolate connoisseur.
Caprese Bruschetta
Beer at the Pivovar Strahov, the Strahov monastic microbrewery. Touristy but very pleasant, and hubby greatly enjoyed the beer. The cheesecake, not pictured, was also good.
More St. Norbert's beer at Pivovar Strahov.
Mulled wine
Trdelník, a pastry made by winding dough around a cylinder and rotating it over a heat source. It was very good. We had one with cinnamon sugar, but they had other flavorings and even fillings available. I also had a plum kolacky, which was good, but perhaps would have been better from a bakery rather than a grocery store. 
On our last night, I had booked a table at one of the fanciest places in Prague, Terasa U Zlate Studné. It is just below the castle, on a back street in the lesser town. It was the kind of place where they bring you a hot towel before your meal. 
Amuse Bouche with monkfish mousse topped with mango gelatin, some kind of peppery sprouts, some dots of sauce, and a crisp bread. 
Mousse from Goat Cheese "Buche Affine" wrapped in Nuts, with marinated green Asparagus and spicy honey Sauce
Traditional “Prague Ham”served with fine Horseradish Mousse and Cranberry Jelly
Sea Bass prepared "sous vide" topped with carmelized flowers, Fennel Purée, steamed vegetables,and Pernod Foam
Roasted Rack of Fallow Deerwith forest Mushrooms, Rowanberries, Kenya Beans, butter Gnocchi and Grand Veneur Sauce
Chocolate Fondant,  raspberry sauce with cinnamon-chocolate mousse and home-made Ice cream from salted butter
Selection of traditional Créme Bruleéwith seasonal fresh Fruit
And a few scenery shots:

Voltava river
Prague from Petrin Hill
Wenceslas square
The main square in the old town
Charles bridge and Petrin Hill

I have no idea what the kids ate while we were gone, but it was apparently in vast quantities compared to what their cousins usually eat. Also, it probably included candy, since the toddler had learned to say the Swedish word for candy, "godis", very clearly while we were gone.

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